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Empowering future artists

We inspire budding artists for film, gaming, and visualization industries, fostering innovation and imagination to fuel the next wave of creative minds.
Equipping individuals with essential skills, our programs pave the way for future professionals, offering hands-on experiences for success in dynamic fields.
Our vision revolves around empowering the storytellers of tomorrow. With a fusion of industry insights and honed skills, we guide and support talents in molding the narrative landscape, contributing to the vibrant evolution of storytelling.

Fueling Future Artistry

Inspiring and equipping artists for film, gaming, and visualization industries

At Blckera CG, our mission is dedicated to ensuring graduates are exceptionally trained and well-prepared for prosperous careers in their chosen fields. We firmly believe in providing accessible, high-quality education that places graduates in high demand.

Through our online courses, students benefit from direct access to industry experts boasting extensive real-world experience. Our comprehensive curriculum is meticulously developed in collaboration with major studios, ensuring relevance and depth.

We prioritize personalized education, fostering greater personal interaction and guidance from industry mentors. This approach accelerates students' progress, equipping them with not just job skills but also the confidence to ardently pursue their dream careers.

Art challenges technology, and technology inspires the art. Animation offers a medium of storytelling and visual entertainment which can bring pleasure and information to people of all ages everywhere in the world.

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